Thank you, TIME magazine! Little Seal has made the annual list of the 25 Best Blogs of 2012. And thanks again to Jennifer Weber, who was the first person to suggest that I start this blog in the first place!

20 responses to “TIME

  1. Well deserved – congrats! I love reading your posts – it’s amazing to actually feel like someone understands what I am going through with my daughter. So thank you for continually putting yourself out there.

  2. Congratulations and well deserved. Your work
    inspires me. You and Ronan are in my heart forever.

  3. Emily, I am so happy to see you get this recognition and I am glad that I was able to help. You putting forward all your feelings – sad, happy, complex, anguished, joyous, funny – has made such a difference to so many people, even if we are not in your exact same shoes. Extra super hugs & kisses to you and Ronie-Macaroni. xoxoxo

  4. Mucho amor to you, Ronan, the dad…brava…xoxo

  5. Anne-Marie Lehmann

    You’re all heart and soul Emily…thanks and congratulations!

  6. Your writing makes me think about things differently. I’m glad that this will open the door for others to take the same journey.

  7. You deserve the recognition. Your writing is moving and inspiring. Thank you for all the work you put in here on Ronan’s behalf.

  8. congratulations!
    well deserved.

  9. Hi Meg, TIME brought me here. It’s so great when good things happen to those who are deserving. Thanks so much for sharing! All the best to you and yours.

  10. Congratulations, Emily! This blog (and your writing) has moved and inspired me since it began. I’m really, really happy for you.

  11. Emily, Congratulations! Still would love to talk with you more about my experiences with my angel Zoe. The tears, heart-ache and loss never go away and the intensity can come back in a moment. How are you?

  12. Congratulations, Emily.

  13. Well done Emily! Well deserved! Much LOVE to you and Ronan. xoxo

  14. Your writing – and sharing – has changed the lives of so many. IMHO, it should be required reading for all. I will always follow your written word, regardless of topic. Congratulations.

  15. Congratulations! It was via the Time Magazine web site I found your blog and I’m glad I did. It has been an emotional read and I applaud you for it.

    I also fell right in love with your banner photo. Not only because of the adorable smile but also because my son has a Snoopy just like that one ( It has followed him since he was born and it has been his favourite his entire life. I can’t see Snoopy now without thinking of him, and now I will be thinking of your blog and child as well. Thank you.

  16. Wow. I am so proud of you. Miss you like crazy. Xoxox

  17. your writing is extraordinary. I enjoy reading your blog even though I wish with all my heart every time I “visit” here that you had some other source of inspiration for you writing. You are an amazingly brave woman to share your private grief so publicly.

  18. Congratulations, Emily! You write so beautifully, and you honor Ronan.

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