Letter from —…

Letter from —

Autumn mourns the leaves shaking from green to yellow. They eat special cut lamb shanks and drink fizzy red martinis in the bathtub. The commentator’s mouth dips to the right no matter which political candidate she is discussing. We laugh because we want to cry. It is understood that love is fragile.

Just this summer I peered through cold glass at the Superdome and wondered. I drank an iced coffee in the street and my shirt was wet as a pickle. The women in Chico’s talked me out of buying Spanx and asked my age. New Orleans: city of survivors where the dead are buried with the living. They whisper and wail.

We make plans for winter but I no longer practice anticipation. I want to eat green chile stew and grits every day. We pass too much red wine back and forth and wake at four a.m. I can’t watch the final scene of the movie about the war where the little boy is hanged. The secret heart inside the heart you show is always changing.

October in England is sun and rain and hamsters running in cages all through the night like the song.Our table at the Indian restaurant was like a bunk bed, new faces appearing to hand hot dough over the ladder. I am lost on the bus, everywhere everywhere where here?

            I ask questions that have no answers but somehow alight – please alight! – in the right place.





9 responses to “Letter from —…

  1. Thank you again, Emily, for a quiet beautiful moment with your writing late at night at my dining room table.

  2. Up early and reading your post. You opened my heart again to the whole world. Thank you.

  3. And after alighting and spending a bit of time with you, please — alight on me.

    Beautiful post that resonates with me –

  4. Thinking of you all, as you walk these hard places.

  5. Y our words come together, colliding and crashing and exploding into images that are almost too fantastic for the mind to apprehend; I read and re-read them and I want to weep because they are beautiful and heartfelt and raw and real. Thank you.

  6. “The secret heart inside the heart you show is always changing.”

  7. Beautiful Emily. And- beautiful, Emily.

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