The Rumpus

Today an essay in the Rumpus, about the life-saving power of female friendship. Thanks to Gina Frangello for commissioning the piece.

6 responses to “The Rumpus

  1. This is a powerful tribute, Emily. Love you, Donna

  2. A blessing to know that in the midst of such sadness you are surrounded by love and support. To know that we can bring comfort to one another gives me hope. Sending kindness and love from far away, from a stranger to you and all those feeling grief today. Holding on to the hope that it may create a small feeling of peace somewhere in the heart of someone.

  3. You reap what you sow. I hope you give yourself that credit. I don’t doubt your friends are saving your life, but I bet they can all say you’d do the same for them without question. As with all of your posts, I bet after reading people take some time to look at how your words apply to their own lives, and I also bet some readers will be reaching out to those they haven’t touched in a while. Lots of betting going on here…. Gotta go write some notes…. Thank you for sharing. You will always have friends that are there for you, no doubt.

  4. I have no words, but I’ll try… Your writing is gorgeous, but that feels frivolous in the light of what the words have conveyed. My heart is split open, I am awash in the memories of many friendships, past and present. I am aware of the disdain, even in our so-called “modern” times, for women and women as friends.

    This is truly remarkable. Thank you.

  5. I read your article last night. And then I read your entire blog. And then I read the memorial blogs of at least 7 other children with Tay Sachs. And then, I cried. It must have been three in the morning by then. Thank you for writing these things.

  6. I saw this and thought of you: Your essay has stayed with me and I continue to send you and Ronan love and light.

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