Matt and Jeanette Visit

7 responses to “Matt and Jeanette Visit

  1. He’s so beautiful.

  2. So sweet. Love.

  3. I LOVE the turkey photo! I can see the thought bubble above his head…hmmm…you look tasty! 🙂

  4. What a precious doll.

  5. Miriam Lotterschmid

    Dear Emily, hey little seal,

    I read about you in the German “Zeit” Magazine. I was so moved and touched! I want to wish you inspite of all the cares a wonderful holiday season and be sure the warm and heartily thoughts from Germany are flying over the ocean to you.

    Kindest regards


  6. I happened by change on your blog – I was searching for: How to be happy and still be right. Guess I was due a lesson in perspective!. However, since I’m here: You need to know that YOU are the magic in this life your living. There are a thousand theories and answers out there to help you when you don’t know what next- but only you get to choose the one to try. I love the fact that you are still you (well, you did share..) and that this responsability comes with so much love, and humour 🙂

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