“Kindred Spirits” essay in The Bark magazine

I have an essay in the Nov./Dec. issues of The Bark magazine, where I write about Ronan, my beloved dog Bandit, and the amazing Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary, a hospice facility for animals with no place else to go.

3 responses to ““Kindred Spirits” essay in The Bark magazine

  1. spirits animal sanctuary sounds amazing. There is one in Canada in BC too which sounds somewhat similar:

  2. I read your essay in the latest Bark and I think it is the most beautiful essay I have read in the history of their magazine, which is really a very fine literary magazine as well as a dog culture mag. I have been reading your blog and my heart goes out to you in your struggle but I am also in awe of the way you face it and support your beautiful son as he needs to be supported it.

  3. I stopped by a local pet supply store on Saturday (for shop local Saturday) just to pick up a copy of this issue. I had no previous experience with Bark and picking it up to read your article has made me a Bark fan. As Kate mentioned, it is a very fine publication of strong literary quality.

    Your article, however, touched me at my core. As Doty asks in his book Dog Years, why should compassion be limited to the lives of humans? A life is a life. We are all filled with a piece of the same great energy.

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