Love on Ronan’s 1st Birthday

7 responses to “Love on Ronan’s 1st Birthday

  1. Love love LOVE this picture!

  2. Dear Emily, Gorgeous!!! Also, Karin posted some spectacular pictures of your family from the party on Facebook . Great to meet you all on Ronan’s Magic Birthday, I had a wonderful time, Donna (Karin’s friend)

  3. Eloise Klein Healy

    Hey, time to light up the cake. Happy Birthday to Ronan and to mom and dad, too. Enjoy the sweetness of birthday time!!

  4. Judy, FPC, Cheyenne

    Happy Birthday Ronan! Great picture of you, mom and dad 🙂

  5. He seriously looks like he’s indulging you all. Like I love you guys, but REALLY? 🙂

  6. Alma Luz Villanueva

    What a beautiful familia…FELIZ CUMPLEANOS, Lil Ronan$$….xoxo

  7. Behind on email and just came across this one. What a super cute picture. Happy belated birthday, Lil Rone$! Party like it’s yo birthday (all month, of course). Hugs and kisses from a fellow Aries… 🙂

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