Home in the World

Today, an article in the Santa Fe Reporter.


6 responses to “Home in the World

  1. Great article, Em. Love the pics too. So glad people are wanting to publish you on this, I feel what you are writing deserves a wide audience.

  2. Alma Luz Villanueva

    This is going to help so many people dealing with their own journey of joy, grief, joy, grief…yes, life/death/life hand in hand always. Dia de Los Muertos here in San Miguel is a true celebration, the gift of life into death into life. Families gathered on grave sites, decorating them with flowers, toys for the young passed on, photos…feasts prepared and shared, kids in the middle of it all, enjoying ALL of la familia. Beautiful article, la verdad… Almaluz

  3. I am deeply moved by this one, Em, especially the line about not living through Ronan, but with him. And I was taken by your Dad’s recent post, too. His took me back to the days when we first met, and it reminds me of why I love him. And yours takes me right into the precious day, whatever it brings, part of which is I love you and your two guys, too.

  4. Genevieve Steidtmann

    Really wonderful piece, Emily. So happy you have the talent and willingness to share your thoughts in such an honest way. I know you are helping others by putting yourself out there.
    Love to you.

  5. We all need that reminder to look at what we have rather than what we don’t; to see our own home in the world as the place we make it. I hope your words help others to parent in a way that loves and accepts their children for who they are every moment.

  6. I just finished your heartbreakingly beautiful piece in the Reporter. What a precious angel your little one is, here to remind us of what is really important in life. Thank you for your courage in sharing with us.

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