Today, pictures.

10 responses to “Today, pictures.

  1. I especially love the 2nd picture – I would love to know what Rick & Ronan are chatting about. Plus, I really thought that Ronan has a blue headband in his hair!

  2. Love these photos. Can’t wait to see you in person tonight!

  3. Oh, GOD. The beauty, the sweetness, the spark in this child! I’d pay money to cuddle him.

  4. Such beauty! So lovely to see these.

  5. What great pictures….thanks for sharing……

  6. Alma Luz Villanueva

    What a beautiful boy, la familia…gracias…xoxo

  7. He’s beautiful, Emily.

  8. It’s delightful watching how Rick and Ronan light each other up. I love how Rick takes Ronan for a dance, and how Ronan breaks out in to grins and little chatter with Rick.

  9. These photos are just so precious. I didn’t realize for sure that Ronan is a redhead until now. Thank you so much and bless you. Nancy Soth

  10. Delightful photos of joy, love, togetherness. Precious times.

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