Dinnertime with Uncle James

3 responses to “Dinnertime with Uncle James

  1. Marilyn Michelson

    Hello Ronan and Family,

    How wonderful it is for your family members to share this precious child and his antics. Having my first grandbaby just two years ago, I can hardly express the tenderness, happiness, and just plain fun to see whatever days I can spend with her unfold with such delight. The expressions on Ronan’s beautiful face AND those of his uncles, as well, are pure joy to this reader. Thanks for sharing, all of you!

  2. Hi Emily and Ronan,

    I have been very touched by your posts, I have been moved to tears several times feeling that nothing I can feel from my experience can be as big and painful as what you are facing. I desperately want to give you something that will help you but my imagination and experience and wisdom seem too cliched and childlike to your realities.

    So I was wondering if you could give some feedback to me and us commenters and tell us what helps and what doesn’t help as much. I imagine this might be an impossible question as everything might appear just too painful but a lot of energy is being directed your way Emily and it’d be nice to know that its helping you.

    Is it Say what you think. Ask the impossible questions
    Is it observing and witnessing and being listened too without offering rationalizations and false hope.
    Is it just being silent witnesses rising up, just a group of listeners settling in to hear your story
    Is it telling you how noting how Ronan has made us think in different ways, forcing us to question all our preconceptions, all our prejudice.
    Is it supporting you on journey for new, authentic narratives, real stories that are possible to create, recognize and share.
    Is it sharing our fierceness and fragility
    Or is it not about us but about you and just keep up the splatter of applause as you journey with Ronan.

    Please let us (me) help you in the best way possible.

  3. Hi Emily, I’m just checking in to say hello and send you my virtual love and support. Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful Ronan. And thanks for your gorgeous writing.

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