One little seal is joined by several seals.


10 responses to “One little seal is joined by several seals.

  1. Ahh, so precious. Thinking of him always.

  2. Alma Luz Villanueva

    You’ve made my day, that SMILE…when I used to swim almost daily in la mar, Santa Cruz, a seal would often come to join me, beautiful, friendly critters…also, when I was kayaking. Your seal boy, el Ronan, such JOY…

  3. he is so precious, emily… just a little note to remind you and rick that we are here, continuing to read your thoughts, and sending our own good thoughts your way. xoxo

  4. Love his laughter!

  5. I’m helplessly smitten with him.

  6. It’s so very funny, in this little photo essay, when, just after he seems to have introduced himself to the white seal and shared a laugh, this new gray one enters in the last frame — and the look on Ronan’s face is skeptical, as if to say, well, okay, I wasn’t really prepared for this second guy to show up. Those are the thought bubbles I mentally add, anyway. You’re welcome. Also: what a good happy little boy.

  7. He is so adorable Em. Much Love – thinking of you all every day.

  8. Ronan is a magical little boy! I am in love with him.

  9. This takes me back. My baby sister’s favorite toy was Seal-y. Loved, loved, loved Seal-y and love your beautiful boy!

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